Fintech Software Development Company AKRBIT

Ready made E-wallet, Payment Gateway, Crypto Exchange platform or software developing from scratch for your business needs.


Free upgrades on customer requests


Project implementation

Integrations with leading partners


Take your business to the next level

Professional & Experienced TEAM

All our teammates has relevant experience in banking, payments and crypto industries.

Automated processes

Our core system is able to automate most of your business processes: Accounting, AML/KYC procedures, Fraud Monitoring, Blockchain Technologies, Payment Integrations with Open Banking Solutions, Payment Cards, APM’s.


Use intergrated BackOffice metrics to analyze the progress and weak points. Additionally, the core system is powered by Apache Superset.

Customise ready-made Software

All software solutions are possible to customise not only with the company collor palette, but also to impletent the changes according to your UI/UX requests.


Choose the software solution


Provide us with color palette, logo, brand book.


Select integrations from the list or request additionals


Setup within 2 weeks and you can start the business

Lifetime suport assistance and software maintanance

All software owners gets support assistance and software maintenance. Support will answer on questions: how it works, software features and functionalities. Will mantain communication not only with the IT team, but also with Sales, Accounants, AML Officers, etc. Software maintance includes not only bug fixing, but also new integrations with the partners, self and joint developed professional software features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software product do you offer ?

We offer:

  1. E-wallet Software Solution – where individual and corporate clients are able to top up accounts via SEPA/SWIFT transfers, Debit/Credit Cards, APM’s, Exchange Currencies, Send to the IBAN Account or make Payouts to Cards.
  2. Crypto Exchange Platform – this product is often used by licensed Estonian, Lithuanian and Polish Crypto-Companies. Clients of Crypto-Platform are able to Buy/Sell/Receive/Send Digital Assets and Fiat.
  3. Crypto Processing and Crypto Checkout Widget . Crypto Processing allows you to provide with the processing services and to collect Crypto Payments for customers who already have crypto currencies. Crypto Checkout Widget allows you to implement payment page on your partner’s website, where their customers will be able in iFrame without redirect pass KYC and buy Cryptocurrency.
  4. Payment Gateway – if you want to become a PSP or need relevant software solution to collect payments for your own business this product will cover all your needs.
  5. All in One – all these products are integrated in one technical solution and are divided by modules, due this you can get all in one ecosystem or add in any time upon your request.
What if I need to impelement AML/KYC tools ?

We have integration with services and Crystal Blockchain Monitoring. If you need any additional KYC/AML provider, without any doubts we will be able to implement this development.

What integrations do you have ?

Every quarter the list of integrations raise up.

We have several sets:
1. Banks, Acquiring services.
2. Blockchain technologies.
3. AML/KYC services, internal and outsource.
4. System features.

All integrations are available for existing customers for free, the list of integrations depends on your selected product. Also, we collect the information from customers and most valued integrations has the highest priority and will be done without additional fees. 
If you need unique integration and don’t wont to share it with Akrbit community we can develop it according to the Agreement.

What if I don't have IT team, who will manage the product?

In general in-house IT team is not required. We can develop the project from 0, we are able to develop the website, brand book, setup mailserver, add content, take part in communication with your partnerts which affect technical part of the software. 

What if regulator or partner has asked to implement changes ?

Our software meets EU standarts. Neverthless we have met such situations when our customers were asking to add some extra changes in the product after the setup. Our team are always ready to implement changes if it affect on your business positively.

Who are you customers ?

Our customers are:

  1. Licensed crypto-exchange companies from Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria.
  2. Electronic Money Institutions (EMI’s), EMD Agents and Distributors from United Kingdom, Canada, Lithuania.
  3. Payment Service Providers (PSP’s) from Canada, Hong-Kong, United Kingdom.


Contact us, we will present you the software and answer on your questions.

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